Culture Notes, or, Is Stars Hollow burning…

I don’t care. I just don’t care. Please stop talking about her. There is a certain blond celebrity who is famous for being famous and she has a lot of money. She may or may not have been drunk when she was arrested for a DUI the other night. I don’t CARE. If we all quit talking about her and reading about her, maybe she will go away…PLEASE..I have nothing against her personally, but I would rather read the worst blog in Nashville* on a daily basis rather than hearing or reading anything more about her. Stop the madness. She has nothing interesting to say and her daily life has no interest to me whatsoever. It shouldn’t matter to you either.

Secondly, I came out of the closet, so to speak, last year on my blog when I admitted to enjoying the Gilmore Girls. The show began as one of the best-written, wittiest shows ever on TV. The two leads were dueling Dorothy Parkers. The setting, the town of Stars Hollow, was one of those quirky New England towns that TV can actually do for a few years without getting cloying. I’m thinking those few years may be up…

Note to the writers of the Gilmore Girls: THE SHOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY – at least some of the time. The writing is supposed to evoke wit and mirth via the pop-culture-ridden convo. Creating a setpiece where a car crashes into Luke’s diner, even if it is Curt driving the car, is weak. The quirky town characters are wearing thinner than the arms of the subject of the first paragraph (who I really really don’t care about).

Thank you for your time and attention, if you have read this far.

*I actually have several contenders for the worst blog in Nashville. Rest assured, if you are reading this blog, your blog is not in contention. On the other hand, you may be reading one of the contenders….



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9 responses to “Culture Notes, or, Is Stars Hollow burning…

  1. The GG premiere was a pale imitation of the previous seasons…

    The whole car crashes into diner and Luke has an epiphany was as subtle as a two by four to the head….

    I think I may be breaking up with the Gals…or at least cheating on them with Friday Night Lights…

  2. I’m a Lost junkie.
    I’m hoping it doesn’t go lame on me.
    Incidentally, the one that you speak of shall now be known as “The one who shall not be named.”
    Or is that too Harry Pottery sounding?

  3. How’s this for a way to spice up the Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Rory participate in a reality show, in which they agree to play hosts to a certain blonde hotel heiress and her friend?

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