More fun than a barrel of macacas*, Kickin’ in the bucket with Newcoma

This picture is shamelessly stolen from Newscoma’s personal celebration post on her own blog. Despite her advancing years, NC can down her some Bass. These west Tennessee sports bars are a little more baroque than the joints back east.

For work purposes, I had to travel to Union City (drive northwest until edge of earth is spotted, then drive 10 more miles through more cotton until you WISH you were driving off the edge of the earth, and then you are almost there). Considering what was at the end of my journey – NC and friends – the trip was nearly worth it..

We met at Buckets, a fine sports bar in U. City. They didn’t quite get the concept of the reuben sandwich, but it was tasty nonetheless. Even tastier was the convo with the effusive and wonderful NC and her friends, the Rodent Queen and ‘Beth’..( fake funny name). I’m crazy about NC and I hope I didn’t help kick off her week of Newscoma birthday celebration the wrong way. After the 12th or 13th Bass, I think I heard her say she wished she had upgraded to Aunt B, but hey..I’m crazy about ‘B’ as well. We may or may not have agreed that we wished there was a Democrat running for the US Senate in Tennessee this year**, but I won’t totally swear to that.

It really WAS worth the trip. By the way, we talked about YOUR blog!

. Not used in the northern French-tunisian sense as a racial slur, or in the George Allen sense of a nonsense word he just thought up on the spot.

**for professional journalistic reasons, the 3 people at the table with me didn’t say anything that would challenge their STRICT neutrality in the political realm except for the part where we mentioned something about Bush and the suspension of habeas corpus, but then to balance it out we all agreed that Hillary Clinton was an endangered spotted owl…i may be a little confused on that last part.



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2 responses to “More fun than a barrel of macacas*, Kickin’ in the bucket with Newcoma

  1. The pleasure is all mine.
    So glad you hung out with us. We are all absolutely, positively smitten with you.
    Thank you so much.
    Enjoy being at the end of the earth. Civilization is less than two hours away back in Salem’s Lot.

  2. Actually, RQ was the Revenge of the Spotted Owl at Halloween one year, but I can see how you got her confused with Hillary as they look so much alike.

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