Republican Math – today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter ‘A’

I have two apples. I hand them to you one at a time. Let’s count as we go, two. Ok now I have 485 apples. If we count that’ll take a long long time, but I bet YOU can see the difference.

I’m pretty sure the White House doesn’t read Salem’s Lots, and that is probably ok. They’re real real busy waging war on terrorism and suspending habeas corpus. But, in this case, they really really might want to work with me on their counting skills.

Seems the OFFICIAL White House logs showed only TWO visits from convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, one incredibly about 20 seconds after Bush became President…hmmmmm. Seems they were off juuuuuust a little bit. Seems there were FOUR-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-FIVE visits, including over 80 with Karl Rove.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the Dems have had their scandals, but I swear to you, if the media asked the Bush folks the number of books Bush actually read over the summer, they’d say, ‘oh around 485’.


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