From the Modern to Billy Bob’s..why I heart Fort Worth

I hate Dallas. I’m not a big Texas fan. Folks down here think they are their own universe and we just exist to supply them with tourists and football teams to destroy. My one big exception to the dislike of Texas is Fort Worth. I’m in Fort Worth this weekend and I love this town.

I’ve been here many times because of family friends and I’ll be back many more times, I hope. Fort Worth has a personality. You know where you are when you are here. They have a jazzed up uptown area that doesn’t look like every other urban re-do job. They have an honest-to-god stockyard that really is a stockyard, along with the world’s biggest honky-tonk (billy bob’s)with real honest-to-god cowboys, as opposed to the faux-boys seen in Nashville at the Wildhorse. One of my favorite concerts ever was seeing Merle Haggard at Billy Bob’s.

Counterpoint to the cowboy world, the city has some of the most beautiful and elegant museums in the USA. The museum pictured above is the ‘Modern‘, and it’s worth visiting just to see the building. Plus they have Railhead Barbecue, which is to beef brisket barbecue what the Mothership is to pork bbq.

I don’t wanna move to Texas, but if I had to, it’s be Fort Worth. You can have Highland Park and Turtle Creek and the grassy knoll. Give me the real world..Give me Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican food and the Trinity River.

Texas may not be my favorite state, but name me another state where Kinky Friedman could make a serious race for Governor…



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3 responses to “From the Modern to Billy Bob’s..why I heart Fort Worth

  1. I haven’t seen the polls in Texas, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kinkster wins. He’d be a great governor. He’s brilliant.

    One thing about my Texas family that drives me insane…they all were born and raised in San Antonio, right? Somehow, they don’t think they have southern accents (hello?) and they always have referred to ours. I mean, come on…

  2. Um, California? Seems anything goes for governor there. 🙂

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