Warner parks Presidential ambition, or, Warner puts a governor on the presidential race..

I don’t know if the head-honchos that steer the Democratic party notice it or not, but people who become President these days are generally former governors, and often governors of southern states. Bush the First was an exception, and he did beat a governor, but considering that governor’s campaign (Michael DuCaCa), I think that Van Hilleary might have bested him.

Anyway, as a Dem who is frightened to death that Hillary (not the Van type) is going to get the nomination for my party, I was really hoping that a Dem. governor would emerge as a moderate standard bearer for those of us who don’t want to face another McGovernish beat-down. One of my favorites is Mark Warner, governer of the Commonwealth of Virginia. At one point, I thought we might see a true Virginia reel with a race between its governor and junior senator – George ‘Macaca’ Allen – but, after Allen’s recent mis-steps (that’s a KIND word for the merde he’s been trodding), I think that Allen’s chances for the Presidency are only slightly better than Strom Thurmond’s.

Back to the point of all this – Governor Warner announced yesterday that he ain’t running in 2008.

When I read THIS or I should say mis-read this story on MSNBC.COM, I nearly spewed my coffee…

former future of the Democratic Party. Warner shocked everyone—including some of his closest aides—when he announced he wouldn’t seek the presidency in 2008.

I mis-read the word ‘closest’ as ‘closet’, and I’m thinking…oh no, Warner’s coming out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve gotta believe that Strom Thurmond has a better chance of winning a Presidential election than a gay fully-qualified candidate.

Well, Warner is out, but in a different way. I”m disappointed. I’m hoping another governor emerges…uh, so to speak.


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One response to “Warner parks Presidential ambition, or, Warner puts a governor on the presidential race..

  1. Please don’t say that governors from southern states have a good shot at the presidency. We’ve had enough Bush’s in the White House to last us for quiet awhile.

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