More on unschooling – are you listening to yourself?

When it comes to rants as art form, Sarcastro and early Dennis Leary are on the short list to the hall of fame. Kat-Co has already highlighted today’s masterpiece.I’m thinking I may understand the genesis of the behaviour that leads to the stupid-ass driving Sarcastro eloquently details.

I wrote earlier about unschooling. A very nice person who is involved in unschooling wrote me back and what I read sounded a whole lot like home-schooling to me, but as she noted in an article she wrote, I’m a civilian.

So, I’m going to call the philosophy described below as Xtreme-unschooling. The following is an actual quote in an article about unschooling written by a fellow Tennessean. Remember that she is talking about a young child:

The most important reason why I don’t force her, pressure her, or try to influence her to learn particular things at particular times is because of her volition. It is far more important that she learn the lessons of morality (that her values are her own, that her life is her own, that her agenda is her own, that it is her responsibility to exercise volition) than it is for her to learn math, reading, or anything else. When we tell a child that he must learn spelling rather than whatever else he wants to do, we are telling him that our desires for him are more important that his desires for himself.

I have no idea if this philosophy consitutes the complete underpinning of ‘un-schooling’, but Sarcastro, you’ve gotta understand…that driver was just exercising his own volition.



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5 responses to “More on unschooling – are you listening to yourself?

  1. Lee

    My jaw just dropped.

  2. Thanks for the applause.

    But WTF is up with that unschooling bidness?

    I smell damn, dirty hippies. Having spent my elementary school years in Southern California during the 1970’s, I feel like I’ve heard this horseshit before.

    My kids’ self-directed educational interests would consist of playing video games and watching sports on television. The only thing they want me to teach them is how to swear creatively and how to find the good porn on the internet.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this, but this woman is an Objectivist.

    Shouldn’t she send her kid to the Ayn Rand School for Tots?

  4. OMG! I went over to read the original article. I noticed there were 203 comments so I figured the commenters would trash the whole concept. Not! Lots were saying it was a great idea. Yikes!

    And, get this, when the author was asked about the legality of unschooling, she wrote that some states have no rules about home schooling, “But here in TN, I will probably have to falsify some testing and turn in attendance reports….I have no problem doing this.” Ah, yeah, that sounds really moral.

  5. yeah, Tenn is fairly stringent on the home schooling crowd. As we should be!

    Apparently, not quite stringent enough on the UNschooling crowd…sheesh.

    That woman’s kid is gonna be unfrickingbearable

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