Living the Playboy life, or, put a cork in it…

I was thinking about running for political office in the future, but then I remembered that when I was a teenager I used to hide Playboy magazines under my mattress. The hiding places were so well thought out that my mother only took about 15 seconds to discover my cache when she ventured into my room occasionally to clean up what she considered toxic waste.

All of this is to say…is there ANYBODY stupid enough to not vote for Ford on the basis of his attendance at some Playboy party? puhleeeeze. Certainly doesn’t qualify him for office, but this has all the relevance of some frat house prank in college.

I really don’t know who will win the Senate seat in our fair state, but despite all the talk about Corker leading, I gotta think the G.O.P. kids must be running scared to produce the crapola I’ve been seeing on my TV screen every 10 minutes or so.

Yeah, I know that Corker has disassociated himself with the ads, but for the love of God, can we please talk about where each candidate stands on the issues, rather than some picadillo of times past.

Where do the guys stand on stem cell research? Any plans for covering the 40 million Americans not covered with any kind of health insurance? What about Afghanistan?

I wanna hear what YOU think, and I don’t wanna see any staples…



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2 responses to “Living the Playboy life, or, put a cork in it…

  1. If you think about it, conservative homophobes should actually want to vote for the guy. Because of the Playboy party thing, he’s basically proven he’s no Mark Foley. 😉

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