We wanna dance with your dates, or, Titan Football: where knowledge is good…

Pacman Jones aka Mister Blutarsky is at it again. The Titans best cover guy can’t quite seem to stay out of the clubs and out of trouble. According to THIS, Pac was hanging out at Club Mystic sometime around 1:00 AM last night and was trying to dance with the friend of someone named Krystal Webb. Krystal apparently is NOT a Pac fan and tried to pull her friend away. According to the po-lice account, Pac spit on Ms. Webb. The good news here is that no gunplay occurred.

Pac continues to weave a fine reputation here in Titan-town. In fairness to the Pac, his attorney says it was a case of mistaken identity. There are a few guys in town wearing dreadlocks, but most of them are on the Titans.

I’d like to give Pacman the benefit of the doubt, but..what can you say…

Titans front office has no comment on the issue, so we are not sure if Pacman will be playing tomorrow and perhaps intercepting a pass of a different nature.

Update 10/29 – According to today’s Tennessean, Ms. Webb collected the alleged ‘Pac-spit’ in a plastic ‘baggie’. Which leads to the obvious ‘Chochranesqe’ defense mantra: “if it’s not his spit, you must acquit’.



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2 responses to “We wanna dance with your dates, or, Titan Football: where knowledge is good…

  1. See, now I would have thought you would’ve gone the Monica and the soiled dress route with the whole captured spit thing…but you once again impress me with an even better reference…adding your poetic license to it at that!

    I stand in awe.

  2. Who would think to collect spit in a baggie? Someone who watches CSI a lot? Not someone who watches Law & Order because that kind of stuff is never admitted into evidence. That’s why the show has to last an hour, so the cops can dig up better evidence.

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