As promised, Lee marched into Nashville

Our blogging friend Lee of Digital Nicotine fame gamboled down our way for some barbecue at the Mothership and a meal with fellow bloggers. Luckily for Lee, the blogger feast was more than me..Aunt B and Big Orange Michael (who may soon be renamed ‘Medium Orange Michael’, but that’s a story for another day) all ‘cued up to the table.

Lee asked Michael if we ever got sick of the song ‘Rocky Top’..while Michael was explaining that not only does a TRUE Tennessee fan NOT get sick of the song, a TRUE Tennessee fan would make it the centerpiece of their wedding(s), I was feigning illness, but we started laughing when Michael explained that if a Tennessee fan was ever in trouble, all they would have to do is sing ‘R. Top’ in a loud voice, and true fans in the environs would come to the rescue, kind of a redneck version of the ‘Bat signal’.

At a nearby table a solitary guy was slinging back some bbq and occasionally glancing our way with a devilish grin. Just as we were about to finish he introduced himself – Holy was SMANTIX! I didn’t see any horns, pitchfork or tail, and if there was a dash of sulpher in the air, I missed it. Smantix was funny, interesting and once again did not look anything like what I would have guessed (and no..I really didn’t think he would resemble any form of Beelzebub). If I was in a contest trying to match blogger’s faces with their blog (which somebody should do…) I would finish dead last, I’m sure. I’m glad Smantix decided to join us.

Of course, the main event was Lee’s foray into Nashville. Lee made me feel old (not intentionally…he’s just young). He’s funny, intelligent and inching away from the social conservatism of his youth into the hotbed of libertarianism…Sarcastro and Coble strike again!

Good times. Next time, Lee, give some advance notice, and we’ll make sure you see more of Nashville at night than the greater, shiver, Rivergate area.



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3 responses to “As promised, Lee marched into Nashville

  1. Here’s some faces for ya’ll –
    WKRN Blogger MeetUp at the GEC and MotherShip BBQ

    Enjoy – Sorry I missed General Lee – next time!

  2. Sometimes I get to thinking that Nashville is the center of the blogging universe. đŸ™‚

  3. Lee

    Had a helluva time. Much thanks for showing up. Truly.


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