Claudia Nunez is not asking for your vote, but she needs you..

Click on the button to the right of this post – the one that says ‘Save Claudia Nunez’. If you don’t know the story already, the linked website contains the basics along with a great video from Channel 2 news.

I can’t speak for all the folks who are working to keep Claudia from being deported, but I’m not espousing blanket amnesty for all illegal immigrants. I am asking for mercy. I’m asking that our country not break up a family and put this woman in danger for her life.

Lotsa people have written about this story. Most of those are linked from the website. A new post on this topic from Sarcastro is certainly worth reading.

Please check the website and sign the petition. You will NOT receive any phone calls asking you to vote for Claudia – robo or otherwise.


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