Follow the money – I see the election ‘future’ again, thanks to

Earlier in the election season I wrote that Bryson was not gaining any traction with the Republican voters in Tennessee based on anecdotal evidence AND more importantly, money evidence. When in doubt, as they say, follow the money.
is an Irish futures market (ok, it’s pretty much a betting site) where you can buy futures in anything from the onset of the Bird flu to the ultimate winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, but more germane to this discussion, who will win elections in the old U.S.A. For what it’s worth, they’ve never been wrong on a Presidential election and they’ve been around awhile.

So, based on the fact that people may talk a good game about who will win, but generally won’t put their money somewhere unless they are really sure who will win, here’s some projected winners from

First in Tennessee: Corker wins
Virgina: Allen apparently macaca-ed, Webb wins
Montana: Burns is burned, Tester pass test
Pennsylvania: Casey wins easily
Florida: no-brainer, but I just love the way that Katherine Harris has melted down this year, Harris taken out by full Nelson
Connecticut: Mr. Independent Lieberman wins easily
Maryland: Steele is not man of steel…Card-in
Missouri: Not enough Talent, McCaskill takes it.

Tradesports also has the Dems winning the House and the G.O.P.ers hanging on to the Senate.

I disagree only with the Virginia projection – somehow I think Allen pulls that one out.


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  1. Interesting website. Soon we will know if the public ‘got it right.’

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