Winners, Weiners, and Loosers (in honor of Campfield’s spelling)

Loser: My Maturity level, because I wanna channel Nelson from The Simpsons (HA, HA) to all the Bryson diehards, especially Mr. Dixie Thoughts: Hey, Dixie Thoughts Blogperson, Bryson got his bacon cooked while barely making 30% of the vote. Mr. Thoughts proclaimed that Bryson would crack 40%. I offered a full course meal to Mr. Thoughts at Brown’s Diner if Bryson got 40..heh heh heh. Mr. Thoughts is also the guy who said that Dems don’t like children..geeze, I guess the children of American are in big trouble now.

Big Winner:
(and I’m not angling for free Dunkin’ Donuts): Abramsom for shirking the party hacks and attempting to report the truth about the elections despite the fact that his fellow conservatives were clearly going to take a beating in some quarters. The hackdom of his beraters is shown in clear relief. Roger, the donuts are on me.

Signs of my maturity II: I got really tickled reading Lee’s live blogging when I came across this update:

10:03 Everytime I see Rep. Chocola’s (R-IN) name run across the screen, I can’t help but snicker. Makes you wonder how Sen. Frankenberry is doing.

Signs of the upcoming Democratic apocolypse: They were playing Bachman Turner Overdrive behind Hillary when she was acknowledging her big win..’you ain’t seen nothin’ yet‘. I loved it when Hillary was trying to ignore Bill who clearly trying to get in the shot. I’m begging my fellow Dems: PLEASE, for the LOVE of God, and all that is good for the country, FIND a governor (Spitzer or Richardson?) for 2008.

Tennessee voters who were looking for a Democrat in yesterday’s Senate election. I don’t think the voters repudiated Ford because he was black, despite all the national pundritry blather. We wanted a clear choice. If there are two Republicans running, why not vote for the guy who actually owns up to his party.

Loser: People who hate negative advertising. The Corker – Ford race was basically even until the national GOP guys got nervous and brought in the A-team. Sadly, a big part of the A-team game was to amp up the negative ads. I think that Ford took a big hit from the ‘playboy’ ad, partly because he was running as a Righteous man, and partly because of the squeamishness surrounding all those ‘horrible’ non-Tennesseans injecting their cash into the race for Ford.

Winner: Those of us who think the Iraqi war has become the disaster many predicted. The electorate saw through the slogan-changing (oh yeah, we’re not staying the course anymore) as an obvious cynical ploy. The vote on the House level was about two things: the war, and the corruption of the GOP, as embodied by the tendrils of the Enron meltdown AND the Jack Abramoff cash letting. Several of the rubber-stamp hacks (i.e. J.D. Haynesworth) were blown out.

Loser: George Allen. Even if he somehow wins the re-count. He wanted to be Prez, but after this campaign, he might make it as President of the Rotarians, but little else. His national ambitions are kaput.

Question: One of the Rovian strategies for winning elections has been to put ‘anti-Gay’ amendments on the ballot during national elections. Now that my fellow Tennesseans have beated down the menace of gay nuptials (whew, the siege on my marriage is now OVER), what anti-Gay amendments can they put on the ballot in 2008?

The Anti-Don we now our GAY apparel amendment – let’s take the Sodomy out of the holidays Christmas

The Dick Button Amendment: No male ice skater is to be shown on TV unless a female is also on the ice



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3 responses to “Winners, Weiners, and Loosers (in honor of Campfield’s spelling)

  1. I hope you are wrong about the negative ads, but you may be right. Us Progressives will continue to have to ease Tennessee into the 21st Century, it appears. I can’t wait to see Corker blaze a trail through the Senate! Who the hell is he going to call now?

  2. how could you possibly leave out the colossal loss of Q2 in MA? I mean, wasn’t that the race everyone was watching?

    i fear the Billary machine may now be unbeatable… so i guess it’s time to start either vilifying John McCain or kissing his hyper-conservative ass, huh?

  3. Umm…
    The Senate and the house.
    Just had to mention it.

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