First the House, then the Senate, and now Studio 60!

Despite the naysayers and gloomy Nielson numbers, Studio 60 appears to have been given a reprieve and will be around a bit longer. Despite the fact that Sorkin and national Democratic leadership don’t read this blog, I’m proffering some advice, and it’s kinda the same to both Sorkin and the Dems.

Sorkin – quit dissin’ and patronizing the folks in the flyover country. Not only do we ‘get’ TV down here, but we really don’t care about YOUR story. You have the ability to write most excellent dialogue. Make the show funny, use your cast, shed the liberal shibboleths and QUIT INSULTING ME (me as the stand-in for all of us good folk between NY and LA).

Dems – I’m not a Reagan Democrat, but I think I understand a lot of why many Dems went the Reagan direction. They felt forgotten and abused. I have a pretty good feeling that many of those folks ‘came back home’ in this election. Most of the Dems who won aren’t flaming liberals. If they had been, the Dems wouldn’t be in the position they now find themselves.

I agree with my neighbor S-townMike that the constitution needs to be restored, but I think that the minimum wage, restoration of Pell grants, tax equity, and other ‘middle-class’ American issues need to be addressed quickly. We want real lobbying reform, and we want the environment protected. ‘Kelo’ needs to be addressed, and substance needs to be instilled into the hollow words of Bush when he claims to believe that we are too dependent on oil.

The Republicans had their chance and they became drunk and giddy with power and spending largesse. Let’s remove the earmarks, forgo impeachment talk and work with the President to implement meaningful rhetoric-free immigration reform. We have a chance to regain the middle – let’s don’t blow it like the GOP just did.



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6 responses to “First the House, then the Senate, and now Studio 60!

  1. so, wait- how many states are there that don’t include LA, NY or Boston in them again? I keep forgetting people actually live in such godforsaken places.

    and I agree, the Dems should stay away from any crazy schemes like socialized medicine or regulating huge corporations. stick to the tried and true: making themselves richer and drawing new district maps! these are the things that flaming liberals and Republicrats alike can get behind.

  2. I am not sure Sorkin will learn this lesson in time to save Studio 60.

    It has until 24 starts up to win me back…

  3. Dude. I agree with everything you said except I’m uninformed about the whole Sorkin references. But yes… I think the Dems need to be smart right. I’d advise them to not do anything to split the country any more than it already is and just try to pass laws that actually have a positive impact on the most people. Then again I’m naively optimistic.

  4. The only issue I have is with your title.

    Studio 60 has been in the hands of Democrats all along. The House and Senate turning to the left are recent developments.

  5. I guess I was unclear with my title..I was trying to say – first good news about the House, and then good news about the Senate, and then good news that Studio 60 is not cancelled.

    I have little doubt that ’60’ has been in liberal hands from the beginning.

  6. Studio 60 in lib hands.
    NO way.
    I watch it faithfully.

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