One for my family, one for the little guys, and one for the road

Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday (he turned 22 – we started having kids when I was 10 and my wife was 11). He got to choose the restaurant for last night’s birthday dinner. Apparently, he channeled his inner ‘Dry Spot‘ because we ate a fine dinner at Sportsman Grill (he kinda knew that Palm wasn’t really an option). Despite some shaky parentage (at least on the pater part), my kids are growing up well.

Last night while eating we watched the Louisville – Rutgers game. Needless to say, Lynn was beyond thrilled (NOT). I love it when a ‘homecoming school’ has a good season and knocks off a ranked team. As a Vanderbilt fan, it’s nice to see the downtrodden occasionally slaughter the giant. I can only hope the Rutgers win will really screw up the BCS. The entire family was pulling for the Rutgers upset (except for one apathetic mom). As Vanderbilt fans we naturally root for the weak and infirmed.

Lynn and I are heading to Houston this weekend. Our friend Nicky, a wondrously generous spirit, is losing his life to a damned brain tumor. If you pray, please channel your thoughts to Nicky and a miracle. Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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4 responses to “One for my family, one for the little guys, and one for the road

  1. Being my somewhat spotty relationship with my dad at this time of my life (long story) I will say when I read of your devotion to your children, it really makes me feel good.
    I wish your friend peace and I hope your feeling okay as well.
    Take care.

  2. I know miracles happen. I will be praying for one for your friend.

    And as newscoma pointed out, those of us who had “spotty” relationships with our dads really do take comfort and feel good when we read how wonderful you and Lynnn are as parents.
    It’s comforting.

    Be well.

  3. May you and your son have many more days to share.

    May peace and comfort be with your friend. My thoughts go out.

  4. At least I’m not the only one who had kids at age 10. 🙂

    And of course I will hope for a miracle for your buddy.

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