Dane Cook explained, or, Vito straightens things out.

i love the Sports Guy, columnist for ESPN.com. I especially love his mailbag and the hyper-clever ‘letter’ writers. This particular letter from someone named Vito explains something that has been totally befuzzling me.

Q: I’m 99 percent positive that Randolph and Mortimer Duke recently wagered $1 that they could turn the funniest, most successful stand-up comic into a disturbed bum on the street and turn a random unfunny guy off the street into the hottest comic in the land with TV specials and a feature film. How else can you explain the fall of Dave Chappelle and the rise of Dane Cook? It is the only answer. Looking good Dane Cook! Feeling good Dave Chappelle!
–DeVito, Washington



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5 responses to “Dane Cook explained, or, Vito straightens things out.

  1. jag

    Thank goodness for you, John. I thought I was the only person on the planet who thinks that Dane Cook is highly overrated.

    And I love dude’s Trading Places reference.

  2. Vic

    I LOVE Dane Cook! He cracks me up.
    Oh well…. different strokes…

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