Attention Tennessee travelers, Starbucks open at Manchester exit..

I go back and forth from Chattanooga a LOT. Traveling over Smiley’s mountain (aka Monteagle) on the way back from Chattanooga (on I-24) is sometimes a nerve-wracking experience when the weather is less than nice and the roads are slick and there are 6,324 large trucks racing down the mountain alongside your vehicle (my vehicle of choice is the low-bid state car I regularly get assigned to me: stinky Dodge Stratus, as opposed to the Taurus or the Prius).

After recovering from today’s downhill travail, I stopped off at good old exit 114 where there have always been a buncha fast foods and cheap gas. But now, the latest addition to the grandeur of Exit 114:a brand spanking new Starbucks featuring the same overpriced coffee found at all their other locations. I’m willing to over-pay. because I like their coffee and, it’s the antidote to the jimmy-legs I get driving a Dodge Stratus over Smiley’s mountain. I’m glad to see coffee shops at key interstate exits. I wish that local folks could afford interstate exit prices, but the bite of reality is that Starbucks is probably the only game in town (at least in Tennessee) willing to pay the price.

If they would just put a coffee joint at the Waverly/Lobeville/Loretta Lynn exit going west and Harriman going east, all my travel needs would be satisfied…



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41 responses to “Attention Tennessee travelers, Starbucks open at Manchester exit..

  1. Manchester, huh? Is it just my perception, or did Starbucks just speed downhill on the “coolness” meter?

  2. Is Smiley’s Mountain anything like Walton’s Mountain without Will Geer?
    Why yes, I think it is.

  3. I bet McCeemy’s Mountain has its own version of The Baldwin Sisters, too.

  4. Vic


    heh.. I always smile when I hear that expression.

  5. Actually, there’s a convenience store on top of the mountain – I think it’s a Citgo – that has a machine that has lattes/etc to die for. We found it headed to Chattanooga for Christmas last year and had to make sure and stop again (and I got two cups to take with me) on the way back home after Christmas. Some yummy stuff and though I love Starbucks White Mocha, that little store’s machine beat the big boys any day.

  6. You know you’re always welcome for a cup of RUABelle’s finest java if we’re en casa.

    I’ll have to try Lynnster’s Citgo coffee if I can get past the Hugo Chavez protesters.

  7. Now come on. We got Bonnaroo that triples the county’s population every year and the cheapest gas for miles, wasn’t it time for a Starbucks?
    I know what I’m getting my parents for Christmas now, because(it’s true) they would never pay those prices for coffee for themselves.

  8. If you would rather have even better coffee while on top of the mountain, be sure and visit Lorena’s Gifts in Monteagle. Disclosure: it’s run by a good friend of mine. But they serve various types of coffee, including fair trade coffee from countries where my friend has led mission trips. It’s just past Pizza Hut on the left as you’re headed towards Sewanee.

  9. “…if I can get past the Hugo Chavez protesters.”

    There are protesters in Grundy County? Who’d a thought?

    I remain mildly shocked at the growth of commerce up on the mountain these days, especially when it comes to eating establishments. I remember when there was the Smokehouse, the Dairy Queen, the truck stop, and that was IT. There being a Pizza Hut on the way to Sewanee just freaks me out a little bit.

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