Not that I really get to pick racial spokespeople..

As soon as I saw the first Youtube of Michael Richards racist outburst, I knew that Jesse Jackson would somehow enter stage left into the story. I really don’t think anyone elected Jesse to be ‘Jesse Jackson – racial spokesman’ and I’m certainly not stupid enough to believe that all black folks think any one way about anything including who gets to be the self-proclaimed racial spokesman, but Jesse has somehow managed to maintain his lofty post for many many years. Personally, I think he’s ‘played’ and a lot more interested in Jesse-promotion than much else, but then again, I don’t have my own radio show.

If I was in charge of picking racial spokesperson for my race, I think I’d look in the blogger toolbox for an Abramson, a Coble, a ‘B‘ or possibly Sarcastro. If I got a vote for African-American racial spokesperson, I would not vote for Jackson, or even Sharpton. I’d have to cast my ballot for a Dork….He’s a lot more interesting.

My serious point is this: When something newsworthy happens to a white person that doesn’t involve racial issues, there isn’t a WHITE GUY or WHITE WOMAN that the media flocks to for an opinion. Why then, in a supposedly more enlightened era, does the media cling to the canard that a single black person speaks for his or her race? Isn’t this just a thinly guised version of the ‘all black people are ____________’ (fill in the blank with your favorite stupid racial stereotype).

Speaking for me, I’d like to revive an old political slogan..Run, Jesse, Run…and keep running til the TV cameras can’t find ya.



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5 responses to “Not that I really get to pick racial spokespeople..

  1. Exactly, John. I talked about this on the-skew show this past Monday.

    I don’t get who put Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton “in charge” of all black people.

  2. I agree, but I’ve always gotten the impression that it was more Jackson’s doing than anything else. He seems to see himself as a sort of Cardinal Black Person in a world where blackness (to his mind) is a type of organisation akin to the Catholic and Anglican churches.

  3. Vic

    I want YOU representing my race, Hutch. If anyone’s askin’.

    Tangential to the subject, who appointed blacks the “keepers of everything cool”? Per D.L. Hughley on Studio 60(or Aaron Sorkin I suppose) no one but him could do a cool thing or wear a cool leather jacket but him. Because he’s black? OK. Sorry I know that show has more problems than that, but that’s the only example I could think of right off. It’s just always accepted that if the black man does it, it must be cooler than what anyone else does. That’s always bugged me.

    That said, I vote for Spike Lee to represent the black folks. ohhhh, let me think about that…

  4. WAY too much pressure . . . 🙂

    I’ve about had it with Jackson. I remember rushing to the polls to use my first vote, having next to no understanding of the sausage making stuff of politics and gleefully ticking the box next to his name in the Presidential primary. Sadly, I’m too jaded to be disappointed in him.

    But with this Richards thing and Jackson offering the Hand of the Man Who Stood Next to King, I shouldn’t be so chaffed. It’s his schtick now, healing and whatnot. I don’t want to dismiss him so readily. I guess after all these years I still remember that day long ago.

    I think you and John are on about the same thing, really. It’s like one of my professors used to say about nurture and nature, it’s 100% both that makes it. For whatever reason, the media rushes to Jackson, however, it isn’t as if Jackson has ever avoided the spotlight. His name still carries some weight, and it should.

    Hate to tell you, but it’s . . . well . . . the world that has appointed Black people the keepers of cool. Bone up on your Mailer. Check out the Japanese music charts. There’s a reason, besides boxing and Islam, that Ali was the world’s most recognizable face. It ain’t exactly all that great, Vic. But hey, you’ve always got Jack White, and many brothers my age will tell you two of the world’s coolest cats are Gabriel Byrne and the late Robert Palmer. 🙂

  5. Vic

    Ali was not only the coolest. He was/is the Greatest. No argument here.

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