Copy Machine Update, or, Why the OCI Variopoint 2110 hates America…

I am not making any of this up. The VERY first copy that one of our secretaries attempted to make was instead routed as a saved image in the copier memory. We haven’t seen the original since, AND nobody can use the damn amazingly complex piece of merde’ technological wonder now because the beast within wants us to do something with the imaged copy.

We are summoning lucifer the service guys who must have some kind of post-graduate degree from MIT. David Bowie once sang, ‘isn’t there one damn song that can make me break down and cry’. If anyone wants to write a song about the OCE’ Variopoint 2110, I can promise plenty of breakdown and crying …



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One response to “Copy Machine Update, or, Why the OCI Variopoint 2110 hates America…

  1. That is funny, but sad!

    Actually, one of my ex-BF’s has extensive training with Oce’ stuff, except in the blueprint copier variety. I do know they are constantly sending their people for days and days’ worth of tech training. He doesn’t have a college degree but he’s probably had training akin to a master’s from MIT or Rose-Hulman or something just to be able to work on Oce’ equipment.

    Technology’s gotten out of hand if you ask me, my biggest beef being with the computer industry. For 15 years I could take apart and put back together and build new PCs, easy. Now I’m afraid to touch them, it’s all so doggone complicated now. Pffft, I say.

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