For the love of DANIEL WEBSTER, the word is INDICT..

not inedit or endict. INDICT.

Update: In fairness to the ‘Rep’, he got it right on the third try.

2nd attempt:

Three more to be endicted?
Three more Democrats have had a complaint filed against them by the US district attorney for bribery…
12/01/2006 (13:01:54)

Does anyone have one of those ‘participation’ ribbons? I’m guessing that in the Rep’s elementary school years, he didn’t get too far in the old spelling bee contest.



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7 responses to “For the love of DANIEL WEBSTER, the word is INDICT..

  1. You’d think a Tennessee legislator would be familiar with the word “indict”.

  2. jag

    Ahhh, now your comment on the Mothership blog makes SO much more sense.

  3. Heh, I got a good giggle out of that today.

  4. Karma is a bitch for ole Stacy, isn’t it.
    One of these days he’s going to reap what he sows.
    I guess he would spell it “reep wot he sews” now wouldn’t he.

  5. OK, off topic – I accidentally clicked your link on someone else’s page a second ago and wound up back here, and was glancing thru your links. You’re a Replacements fan too?!?!?! I am so thrilled if so. Yay.

    On topic – co-signing what Sarcastro said…

  6. I can’t say this about many bands, and I love a lotta kinds of music, but the Replacements just makes me happy.

    I love Westerberg, I love the sloppy stuff, I love the Alex Chilton tribute…in fact, not much I don’t love about the ‘mats’…

  7. Ahhh… you are now not only a cool person I like but one of my very favorite people in the whole world! I might have to dig around between now and whenever I’m coming to Nashville after the holidays and see if I have any rarities/near-impossibilities to share (used to be more but since then he’s released some of that). Fabulous!

    Get well soon, John!

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