Lights out in Salemtown, or, what has Ludye done NOW?

This morning when I was begin to wake UP, the lights started flickering and wavering more than John Kerry on Iraq policy. After about an hour of shimmy shimmy, the electricity went off. As far as I could tell, most of Salemtown was affected, including the intersection of Metrocenter Blvd. and the interstate.

Fortunately, the outage did not extend to the new Starbucks. I was able to fulfill my need for morning caffeine, even though our coffeemaker couldn’t go about its business.

As of 7:30, no info from NES, other than there had been LOTSA complaints.



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4 responses to “Lights out in Salemtown, or, what has Ludye done NOW?

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  2. NES told me it was a blown fuse. 6th had power when I drove through at 8:30. 5th’s power came back on before 10:30.

  3. G-town felt the effects. I was doing some early morning reading when my bulbs flickered (figured it was just the lamp) and then everything went dark.

    It’s a pain to get out of the garage when the automatic opener doesn’t work.

  4. Its real great when your brand new christmas lights die due to a NES “blown fuse”. I think they should buy me a new set:)

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