ZICAM – the complete story

I will continue to sing the praises of ZICAM because just a few puffs made me feel like a new man, or should I say, a more-able-to-breathe 54 year old man. The day after my head was pounding like Charlie Watts (homage to John Hiatt), I was able to pick up my sick bed and go to work and be nearly productive.

But, in fairness, as a commenter on my original ZICAM post pointed out, ZICAM is known to have side effects, chiefly loss or decreased sense of smell. I haven’t noticed this side effect – in fact, thanks to a recent shower and this soapy gel stuff I’m using, I am, in the words of OutKast, so fresh and so clean.

Anyway, I thought I would do more research into other possible side affects of Zicam in order to be as fair and balanced as our friends at Fox News. A few other possible side effects I’ve uncovered:

Vapours, dropsey, Lamont-Thompson syndrome, heebie-jeebies, cat panting, moist ear, astral swelling, minerva basting, plantars pee-nuts, slartibartfasting, rascalitis, pulaski elbow, ben-dover syndrome, fulmination, rumination and inability to juggle.

I hope this helps.

Update: 12/7/06 – A Canadian website that lists side effects of drugs linked to this post. The website listed, without commentary, the ridiculous list of side effects in the above paragraph. My hope and prayer is that some Canadian asks his/her pharmacist about the perils of Lamont-Thompson syndrome, or for that matter, cat panting.



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8 responses to “ZICAM – the complete story

  1. Wow, those are some wild side effects šŸ™‚

  2. way to reference Outkast. In the words of Huey Lewis & the News, you’re ‘hip to be square’.

  3. Vic

    What? No “jimmy legs”?

  4. You forgot Flarting Mimsey.

  5. It’s all worth it if it gets momma back on her feet again!

  6. Okay. I’ve got it now. Where do I get Zicam?

  7. do they have walgreens on the west side of the Tennessee river?

    the ubiquitous W’greens has about 15 flavors of Zicam. Kid I may, but this stuff really works!

    I bow to CLC and his recommendation.

  8. I’m definitely getting some to put away for a rainy day, so when it’s my turn to be sick you can remind me of my side effect warnings!

    If there’s no Walgreen’s in Hooterville for Newscoma, there’s one over in Paris. But I bet Wal-Mart has it too, NC.

    And RE the Canadians – oh, I think asking the pharmacist about Ben Dover syndrome would be priceless!

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