Apparently I wasn’t fast enough…I got tagged

Ivy tapped me for the ‘3 Things’ meme..

Scare me: birds flying free indoors, parties where I know 1 or less people, being unprepared in a meeting

Make me laugh: Sedaris family, Sarcastro, P.G. Wodehouse

I love: Samurai Sushi, baseball trips, walking the dogs in the ‘hood

I hate: printers, OCE Viviopoint 2110 copiers, Styx

I don’t understand: chemistry, musical theory, the appeal of Danny Kaye

Things on my desk: a coffee cup that needs to be washed out, another coffee cup that needs more washing than the first cup, stupid quotes from George Bush

I’m doing right now: waking my wife (i thought i was typing softer), this stupid meme, wishing i didn’t have to go to work tomorrow

I want to do before I die: hang glide, visit Paris (the one in France), live somewhere with a GREAT view

I can do: fairly difficult crossword puzzles, a pretty good Bullwinkle imitation, laundry

I can’t do: a decent drawing (sad considering i’m the son and husband of art teachers), sing in tune, avoid tearing up when watching emotional movies or hallmark greeting card ads on tv

I think you should listen to: Aunt B, Purple Rain by Prince, The entire Rain Dog CD by Tom Waits

You should never listen to: me sing, Styx, Tim McCarver

I’d like to learn: musical theory, how to juggle, Spanish

Favorite foods: pulled pork at the Mothership, my wife’s cornbread, sushi from Mr. Choo at Samurai

Beverages I drink regularly: oj and club soda, dasani lemon flavored, iced tea half sweetened and half unsweetened

Shows I watched as a kid: Superman, 3 Stooges, Bonanza

The Tagging stops HERE!



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8 responses to “Apparently I wasn’t fast enough…I got tagged

  1. I had a bird in my house once, ack, it was terrible.

  2. I don’t have much love for DeYoung & Co. either, but curious as to whether there’s a specific reason for the tremendous Styx hatred, or just in general? Heh.

  3. i’ve been loving music since i was 9 years old. I was 9 (sadly) in 1961. Rock has ‘died’ and been resurrected several times in my lifetime. Link Wray, Chuck Berry and all those great Phil Spector girl bands were one of the first great waves after Elvis..then music got kitschy (Frankie Avalon, etc), and then the British Invasion (beatles,stones, Kinks..) and then the american bands invented classic corporate rock copying the british invasion..Starship, REO speedwagon and Styx are the worst examples of schlock rock that actually bears little resemblance to anything i would call rock and roll…then comes NY Dolls and the punks..Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash make the world safe again for rock, then comes the greatest era, imo, Replacements, Husker Du, early REM…ebb and flow, etc…Nirvana saves the world again in the early 90s.

    To me, the lowest, the nadir, was the palaver known as Styx (but, full disclosure – i really don’t mind Mr. Roboto).

  4. Your the first person I’ve seen to put Mothership BBQ on their fav foods list! Jim ain’t feelin’ the love with this particular meme.

    I’d love to here the Bullwinkle imitation!

  5. I am total agreement with every single thing you said, John, 100%! And even though I personally directly missed the earliest in rock & roll, thank goodness for my father, the music fan (and drummer). My earliest influences, practically as a baby, included Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and many more, and I will be ever grateful for that background.

    I’m not sure Styx is truly the worst of evils, though – there was some awfully horrible sludge in the Seventies besides or at least alongside them. Going to have to think about that one for a bit, heh!

  6. Hey, I just saw something and thought of you! Check it out here! (heh heh…)

  7. are too cruel (and funny)…i pity the child

  8. Interesting. I love Samurai, but I also love Danny Kaye.

    We went to Samurai every Saturday night for at least a year. Then came baby and the suburbs.

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