I’ll get you for this, Slartibartfast…

We’ve all had those stupid tunes we couldn’t get out of our heads. I wanted to torture that Bega guy who sang that stupid Mambo #5 song. For months after hearing that song incessantly played everywhere I went, all of my thoughts would be to the tune of Mambo # 5..

A little bit of laundry in my life
A little bit of coffee by my side
A little bit of bacon is what I need
Some apricot jam would be whoooweeee
A little bit of sitting in the sun
Listening to my mp3s would be fun
A little screwed up is what I am
I hate this song, DAMN DAMN DAMN

I went for freakin’ MONTHS with that tune. More recently Pete Bob Seeger Seger’s ‘Thhhhisss iss ourrr Countreeee’ ditty was lodged into my medulla obligata, bouncing around like neutrons at an open bar (for you, there’s no charge..).

Now…NOW comes this blog ‘Shoot the Moose‘ which I enjoy reading. But..does the author of the blog have some name that sits there calmly not insinuating itself into your brain like a festation of mice in the cheese closet…NO. He has to call himself SLARTIBARTFAST. Say it three times…trust me..you’ll be hearing it in your sleep.

I’m begging somebody somewhere to play me a catchy tune that is tolerable and will purge the Magrathean water torture of the impossible-to-forget-name. I’m sure I’d like the guy behind the ‘Slartibartfast’, but that name is driving ME coo-coo’er than a busload of kids deprived of their Cocoa Puffs.

Yeah, I read the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe’ and the subsequent trilogy, but somehow that name didn’t stick to my cranium like superglue.

What’s a blogger to do?



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6 responses to “I’ll get you for this, Slartibartfast…

  1. Oh great. Now I’m gonna have Mambo #5 in my head for a week. Thaaaaaks

  2. when I see that name written on a blog I immediately think, “too many letters…can’t process…must…shut…down…just pronounce as slobberfart and move on…”

  3. congratulations. you’ve just been blog-rolled.

  4. I hate the fact that Blogger loses its mind when you try to do a trackback on beta.

    Anyway, enjoy this response.

  5. Now I’m hearing ‘Slartibartfast’ with one of those upper class English drawing room Merchant/Ivory voices…it’s not really helping, but it is funny to ‘hear’ those folks say that word!

  6. I always think breakfast when I see it, and then I get hungry. Now I’m hungry again…

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