Mother of a blogger meat-up…

This was the best blogger meet-up ever, imo. Great food (of course), cozy confines, wine and other beverages flowing, tongues loosening, and lots of new connections and renewal of old connections. We even had a mayoral candidate show up!

Maestro organizer Dr. Woo and a fuzzy Britney..fuzziness at this point is NOT due to the wine, but the photographer.

Progressive Mr. Mack squares off with the wonderfully conservative Glen Dean.

Snapping Ginger

Chris Wage, B-Dub (altho he mastered the domain at the Mothership, things were a little different back home), and Jag in her patent pending trademark pose.

Silver shoes, silver shoes
, it’s Christmas time in the city.

Rico Suave aka Blake Wylie made a late grand entrance.

The fabulous Aunt B, Ceeelcee (thank God he didn’t wear what he threatened to wear), and the wondrous RuaBelle

My blogger ‘wife‘ and me. The only reason this is in here is because Ivy looks so nice.

I had more pics, but they really didn’t come out at all. Sorry to all the other many cool people who didn’t get in my pics..I’m sure they’ll show up on other blogs authored by better photographers.

It was cool meeting some bloggers for the first time – Slartibartfast and his wife, Holiday Grinch, Sara Clark, Glen Dean, Josh Tinley, John Lamb (editor of Hispanic Nashvile blog), and the master wit Rex. L. Camino.

Thanks to Kerry, Jim and all the others who put this together…Fabulous.



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16 responses to “Mother of a blogger meat-up…

  1. What would life be without you in it? Nice to see you again, chopped liver! 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas John – great to see you!

  3. Yo.. Thanks for the ride.. A christmas miracle for a christmas blooper.

  4. All the pics I’ve seen so far have been so great, almost as good as being there. Everyone appeared to have a great time and Ivy’s video serenade at Sista’s blog can’t be beat!

  5. I’m missing a shot glass. I bet that evil neo-con Glen Dean took it!

  6. Although it took some time to get over the dissapointment of not getting to meet Black Santa, meeting you was a good consolation prize, John.

  7. It was SO wonderful to see you again, John. You are a lovely person and I’m proud to know you. I have added a few more pics to my site after Blogger finally decided to cooperate! 🙂

  8. Wish we could have been there.
    We will be next year. Looked like great fun and the phone call from Smiley was AWESOME!

  9. I love that picture of us! I had such a great time, I’m so glad you were there. 🙂

  10. Love the pics, especially those shiny silver shoes and that tux…Rico Sauve indeed!

  11. Agreed. Best blogger party ever.

    Plenty of drinking and conversing with nobody going on about Battlestar Galactica while wearing their pajamas and making a podcast.

  12. I think I actually started a conversation about battlestar galactica at one point.

  13. I appreciate channel 2 for hosting those other soiree’s but it was really nice NOT to be told/sold that i could make up to the high two figures selling ad space on my amway, tupperware or blog futures..

    I didn’t hear Chris’s B. Galactica convo, but slarti and i were into some serious ‘Ugly Betty’ talk. If for no other reason to watch, Selma Hayek…enough said..

  14. I think it’s safe to say a fun time was had by all – although I think some people had enough fun for everyone! I’m not used to being the sober observer at these things, but since JJ can’t see over the steering wheel…

  15. SQUEEEE! You got a picture of Britney’s shoes!

    Next time John… next time, we have some kawfee tawk!

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