why i’ll never be confused with an artist, or, Toss THIS cookie.

Every year since 1999 my friend Susan has hosted this Christmas-related party where you are provided with an endless supply of sugar cookies, lotsa different color icing, sprinkles, M & Ms and gum drops for the purpose of creating award-winning cookie designs.

Awards are presented for the best holiday cookie, best non-holiday themed cookie, and best in show. There were about 60 people of both genders and all ages feverishly working on their elaborately designed cookies. There were 3-D Christmas trees, palm trees with ocean waves in the background, claymation action figure cookies, entire nativity scenes made from various sized cookies, dogs leashed to their master, Elvis cookies, funny reindeer cookies and many more including a really well-designed hockey stick. Then there was mine.

Not surprisingly, I went home without a prize. Can you make out the theme of my stupid cookie?

Btw..the party was lots of fun. Next year I’m lobbying for a new ‘worst in show’ award. I’m feeling prettttttttty good about my chances.



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5 responses to “why i’ll never be confused with an artist, or, Toss THIS cookie.

  1. You couldn’t make it harder than that? What about a V.Y. cookie? Too hard? Shit, now I’m hungry.

  2. hey…”JONES” was no picnic..

  3. It’s Pac Man, and I don’t get the Jones part? Oh god, I’m so blonde…

  4. I’m not sure that blonde-ness is the problem here..i’m thinking you may not be a big sports fan or a Titans fan.

    One of the Titans best and most notorius players is a guy named ‘Pacman Jones’. If you live in Nashville you kinda know about him even if you don’t follow football, because he has the tendency to keep getting arrested for various and sundry things.

    My cookie, was EASILY, the stupidest one in a mass of hundreds of cookies..I really think that it should have been recognized in its very own category.

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