Please tell Vince Young there’s something he can’t do, or, Merrill Hoge is even more an idiot..

I’ve already opined that ESPN’s concussed football analyst Merrill Hoge is an idiot. He actually claimed that the Titan’s offense HIDES Young. I don’t know whatthehell Titan team he has been watching.

I’m fairly certain that someday, somewhere, a Vince-lead Titans team will lose. I’m also certain that Vince doesn’t believe what I said in the previous sentence. Watching him run and run into the end zone for the winning touchdown today reminded me of watching one of my sons run the bases back in the day in one of our many backyard whiffle ball games. His head was held high, arms were pumping, and if you looked deep in his eyes you would know that anything, yes anything, was possible.

I’m not sure that the pundits (at least the pundits not named Hoge) can come up with anything new to say about Young. The man is leading the Titans into the future and it’s looking pretty good from this angle.



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4 responses to “Please tell Vince Young there’s something he can’t do, or, Merrill Hoge is even more an idiot..

  1. I am so darn proud of our guys!!! I actually think we could be a wildcard contender if we can just hang in like we are now!!!

  2. This season has turned out to be fun! I’m having too much fun watching them right now. I’m excited about the coming years.

  3. There are a lot of folks with faces lathered with eggs over VY and the ’06 Titans. One guy that’s not part of that group is John McLain of Houston Chronicle and who is on 104.5 The Zone with Geo Plaster et al. John predicted all this even before the draft took place.

  4. If Indi continues with its losing streak, if we beat the Jags and continue winning till the last game where I hope we beat NE, there’s a teeeeeeeeny chance but probably not (but hopefully yes) that we’ll make the playoffs but that all depends on how the other teams do.

    I’m probably preaching to the choir here…

    But I have to agree, wholeheartedly, that the Titans have proven with a great draft pick that yes, anything can happen.

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