The blogger gods must be crazy, or the West Tennessee blogger tour continues..

I’m actually occasionally glancing skyward, expecting to see a laptop fall in a nearby parking lot. This evening as I was driving eastward into Jackson, I decided on a whim to call Newscoma to see if there was ANY chance she was near Jackson and if there was ANY chance she’d want to have some dinner.

Earlier today, I had my long-anticipated lunch with Lindsey of Theo/Geo fame (well, long anticipated by ME, wonderfully tolerated by Lindsey). I finished up my bizness in Memphis around 12:30, scooted over to Huey’s on Madison in time to see Lindsey strolling down Madison. I love the Huey’s. I get the same exact Huey burger and onion rings EVERYTIME I go there. More importantly, I loved chatting with Lindsey who didn’t give me that mean look I once saw on her blog, even once.

I’m literally old enough to be her dad (in fact, I am OLDER than her dad)..sigh. She was nice about it all, and I continue to be impressed with her smarts, her wit, and her Target earrings. So, thanks, Lindsey. You rock…damn, i forgot to ask about the deflated balloons in her hair from earlier days.

On another note, Lindsey, in person, reminded me of Ivy. In fact, she could be her little sister, imo. Does this make her my blog-sister-in-law???

Soooo, tonight,as i stated earlier, I call the Newscoma. I understand that West Tennessee covers a great deal of territory and that just because NC lives in W. Tennessee doesn’t mean she would be near the Jackson area just because I called.

Of course, not only was NC around the area, she was already THERE shopping with the Rodent Queen. The blogger gods smile upon me.

We ate sushi in Jackson. I was surprised to find such a thing, considering that most of the West Tennesseans I know call this stuff bait. Dinner and convo exquisitely delightful.

So, in summary, after I got through the pesky work stuff, my day turned out very well. Thanks, Lindsey, Newscoma, and Rodent Queen.

PS. Good luck with the car issues, Lindsey.



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3 responses to “The blogger gods must be crazy, or the West Tennessee blogger tour continues..

  1. It was wonderful.
    You have no idea how much you mean to me.
    I think the word is smitten.

  2. How totally cool is that?!?! That is so great that they just happened to be in Jackson. I’m so glad you and the ‘Coma got to hang out too. AND the Rodent Queen! That is just awesome.

    Jeez, John, I dunno if your trip for work was overall successful, mediocre, or less… but your trip as far as the blogging world is concerned was certainly a raging success!! Ha!

  3. Bwa! What a frightening photo.

    Thanks again for lunch! It was fabulous. 🙂

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