Dear Jameson Suites in Jackson

Thank you, thank you, thanks. This is not snark. This is no sarcasm or disco. That amazing full-force-astro-blast-kick-ass shower head and power-blast water flow was magnificent. It beat the hell out of that weak-shit-flow in the Memphis Sleep Inn.

I used to have a birthmark on my left arm. Your shower took care of that..whoooowheeee. I’m a new, much cleaner, man. I know we’re suPPosed to be conserving water, but sweet minerva-of-the-woods, I love that shower.

thanks for having me, Jameson Suites in Jackson.*

*this was not a paid endorsement. In fact, I’m just about to pay THEM.



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4 responses to “Dear Jameson Suites in Jackson

  1. On behalf of Memphis, I humbly apologize for your hygiene inconvenience, and will just allow that this city just sucks, period. Except for the BBQ. 😉

  2. do we need to send out an amber alert for that birth mark??

  3. There simply ain’t nothin’ better than water pressure strong enough to shave my legs for me…

  4. Anonymous

    My husband stayed at that same hotel and he said it cleaned him so well. That he felt like he had baby skin when he got out.

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