Hope I die before I grow up, or, tell me about the tacky sweaters George, tell me…

My usual up-to-date radar on what is trendy was jarred when I read MY Tennessean and discovered the smart set were scouring Goodwill and their weird aunt’s closets and chiffarobes for ugly, tasteless, LOUD, sweaters to wear for their trendy outings to trendy clubs. Actually, I now realize that if I read MY Tennessean to find out what is cool, I’ve already pretty much lost the war.

Anyway, besides some possible questionable activity spurred by trying to purchase sweaters from homeless people, I wanted to point out a rather odd quote from one of the women interviewed by MY Tennessean for the sweater story.

…..So when she moved to Nashville this year, she brought her newly found Christmas tradition with her and persuaded 40 friends to participate in their first-ever “tacky Christmas sweater pub crawl.”

They wove in and out of the bars on Demonbreun Street, drawing attention from other bar hoppers with their flashing sweaters and jingling hems.

But Ainge and her friends didn’t care about the stares.

“There’s something to be said about not caring what people think and having a good time,” Ainge said. “I can’t wait until I’m older and I can wear holiday sweaters all the time and it’ll be completely appropriate.”

I had always thought that the beauty and grace of growing old was based on the wisdom garnered from a life well lived, or enjoying the grandchildren we hope we’ll have someday (no rush kiddos!) or being able to shoo young hooligans off the yard while brandishing a cane. I better start stocking up on holiday sweaters…you know I always wanna be appropriate!



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2 responses to “Hope I die before I grow up, or, tell me about the tacky sweaters George, tell me…

  1. “Trendy”, “cool” and “appropriate” are all relative. Relative to what, I don’t know anymore, seeing as how I think I’ve now passed the age of being any of the three…

  2. I can’t believe this was the LEAD story in the newspaper. Gimme a break…

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