Seeing the forest…or, Ok, even though I like to schedule my own thankful days, I’ll do the thankful Thursday thing…

I’ve written a lot lately about the many wonderful people I’ve met (especially in my West Tennessee Blogger Tour disguised somewhat as a work trip*). I’ve been really lucky to get to know (and I’m not going to attempt to list them all) folks like Kerry and CLC and Sista and so many more. Without blogging, and without Brittney and her wondrous work, it wouldn’t have happened.

But, I want to devote this post to the person to whom I am most grateful. She’s not a blogger. She’s met a few and knows that they aren’t crazed ax-murderer types (at least not the ax part). She tolerates my blogging and blog-reading most of the time (i get a LITTLE obsessive reading your blogs). She has put up with my idiosyncratic behavior, and irascibility much longer than my parents did. She’s a person of abundant energy and talent (witness the painting on top of this post). She’s a talented cook and a great date. I’m not going to go all ‘B-Dub‘ on ya and describe the outcome of some of those dates, but I can tell you we have three children and none of them were conceived immaculately.

I told Lynnster sometime during my western swing that I’ve already received my gifts for this year – getting to know so many of YOU. I’m being soppy I know, but the greatest gift of them all is my wife. I think she is beautiful and I know than she is more patient than Job could even dream.

Sadly, neither one of us married an organized person, but we did manage to organize our thoughts well enough to marry the right person (well, I did at least..)

So, thanks to Lynn for the last 29 and 1/2 years…..



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9 responses to “Seeing the forest…or, Ok, even though I like to schedule my own thankful days, I’ll do the thankful Thursday thing…

  1. You Blogger Dudes are so nice about your wimmin. That’s so sweet.

    I’m with you in that this blogger thing has been probably the best thing that happened to me in 2006. So there.

  2. Nice blog,…its always wonderful to hear people publicly profess there love to there spouse,…its just not done often enough. I’m glad Lynn makes you happy and vice versa,…I think thats the reason you guys are such wonderful neighbors:)
    Have a wonderful Christmas and stop by sometime soon to say hello, its been awhile;)

  3. I’m thankful for the new friendship that I have in you, John, and I very much look forward to meeting Lynn sometime soon (by the way, Lynn is my middle name :)) if she is half as wonderful as you then I know that getting to know her will be as rewarding as knowing you has been so far!!! Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday…
    Ginger & Amanda

  4. How great is it that you and your wife have each other? 🙂 Long and happy marriages like yours make me smile!

  5. Love the painting! And this is a really sweet post. Hopefully you two will have 29 more years together. And more!

  6. Reason 669 that I’m smitten with you.
    John, it is us that are blessed to know such a wonderful guy (and I want a pair of glasses like yours. Just saying.)

  7. John, I really appreciate you and your sense of humor. Blogging does bring out a side of us who at times, can’t lift anything heavier than a pencil !

    Lynn is a talented artist! Mrs. WonderDawg is a Rebecca Lynn – i.e. Ginger.

    Merry Christmas – see you on the other side of 2007.

  8. That is a beautiful tribute to your lovely wife and one any woman would be proud of. And in this day and age, 29 years is something to be proud of as well, so I wish you many, many more.

    And, your wife has the best name EVER. Heh heh.

  9. Couldn’t agree with you more, bro. Love you and Lynn and that gorgeous picture of our Alex.

    your sister

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