Elementary, my dear Bush, and Nixon, and Ford

I came across this insightful comment while reading Wonkette.

Ever notice that when Bush does one of his “condolence” speeches, he always looks and sounds like he’s giving a fourth grade book report?

“Gerald Ford was a decent man. He was president in 1974. He lived for 93 years. He had a dog once. His friends called him Jerry. He had children, at least one of which was a daughter.”

The comment is from the fertile mind of The Trucker Pundit.

Actually, Ford was a decent and good man. He also gave a great assist to the Democrats (and the campaign of Jimmy Carter) when he pardoned Nixon. He did sponsor one really goofy thing though…During his term, inflation was raging, thanks in no little part to the man he pardoned. Nixon rather hubristically decided that wage and price controls would be his administration’s counterbalance to inflation. Even for a liberal-type such as me, that WAS a goofy idea.

So, Ford, usually not being nearly as dumb as you’d think from the SNL skits, eschewed the Wage and Price controls for a ‘bully pulpit’ campaign called ‘Whip Inflation Now‘. They whipped out thousands upon thousands of buttons for citizens to wear, bearing the ‘WIN’ slogan. Sadly, at least for Republican-types, this may have also contributed to the rise of Jimmy Carter.


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