I’ve been most everywhere man, except any foreign countries other than Canada or Mexico

Thanks to Chez Bez via Lynnster

create your own personalized map of the USA

I seem to be avoiding some of the ‘cold’ ones. I resolve someday to ‘GET’ those other states!



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8 responses to “I’ve been most everywhere man, except any foreign countries other than Canada or Mexico

  1. Jeez – you’ve been everywhere!

    Since you only have those four states in the continental U.S. to go, you oughta make a point of making it 100%.

    For Minnesota, you could go to Minneapolis and make it a ‘Mats mecca trip. I can get you the address of the Let It Be house, hehe.

  2. You haven’t seen Montana yet? Shame ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. hey, this is cool…do they have one for those fereign countries? I’ve been to more of them there than I have states…

  4. Leesa – my sister and her family were in Montana for the Christmas holidays and they were RAVING about the beauty of your state. I truly am resolving to visit there in the next two to three years (this year’s big trip is to Peru to see the daughter, so that will take up most, if not all, the travel cash).

    When I do make it to Montana, I’ll be expecting a personal welcome from my favorite Montanian blogger!

  5. Ginger – they do have one for the whole world and for a separate one for the Canadian provinces. I’m jealous of anyone who is more world-traveler than my meager Canadian & Mexican pretty much border experiences.

  6. If you’re willing to make a detour through Delaware, I think we can almost knock our maps out together in a week.

    Well, maybe I’ll do Delaware and Alaska separately.

    Gas up the Family Truckster!

  7. Impressive. I have this very white area around TN that I need to take care of some day soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hey Par – you really do need to rectify the blankness around my wonderful state…i think you’d like it here..at least to visit!

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