Your Tennessean – tripping into Blog-land

One of my favorite columnists for the Tennessean (actually my FAVORITE columnist) is Gail Kerr. She gets to write about whatever she wants to write about (for the most part) and she knows Nashville inside out. She grew up in Donelson, so she avoids the west Nashville myopia that afflicts so many Nashville writers.

I knew Gail briefly back in the 80s when she was working the local political beat. She has a great sense of humor and was one of the main reasons that the Elliston Place Goldrush was a true rush after work.

All of this is to say, I was pleased when I saw that Gail was going to start blogging for the Tennessean. So far I’ve been underwhelmed by the Tennessean’s blogging. It’s underpublicized and it feels like they are blogging because some focus group told them that blogging was the future but didn’t bother to tell them how exactly to pull off the future.

Anyway, I follow the link to Gail’s blog and was enjoying reading about her dog, when the damn page kept ‘pushing’ me to another Tennessean page which was not only NOT the page I wanted to be reading, but was symbolically TOTALLY BLANK.

‘MY’ Tennessean still is about a mile and 1/2 behind the curve. Gail, I’d love to read your blog, if the stupid website lets me!


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One response to “Your Tennessean – tripping into Blog-land

  1. I got to it by clicking her name on the almost blank page. Thanks, I love Gail, too!

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