Some pretty half-baked but mostly sincere resolutions for 2007

I quit making hard-to-keep resolutions many years ago because after a certain amount of time on this mortal coil, there are certain things that just aren’t going to happen (getting up early and doing anything more athletic than opening the newspaper and making coffee). In the interest of reality and in full cognizance of my 54 years on this planet AND being alert to the fact that I”ve had stomach/ulcer issues, I am going to kinda try to:

listen to the doctor(s) and drink a higher ratio of decaf to caffeinated (blecch)

actually use my bicycle for something more than a fixture to hold non-bicycle-related things

switch from this stupid blogger to WordPress (if they continue to have a ‘free’ version)

NOT switch to Blogger ‘Beta’ unless they pull Blogger ‘alpha’ from my ‘qwerty’ gnarled fingers

meet Emily (Malia’s sister)

purchase a Predator’s clothing item that will not be obsolete if a trade is made

walk the dogs regularly (I’ve been on the road a lot lately and gotten out of the normal patterns)

Quit reading blogs/articles/magazines that tell me that liberals/progressives/black people/white people/conservatives are all ‘anything’ or all believe ‘one thing’ because if i continue reading my doctor who told me to avoid stress will get on my back

Continue to explore who my ‘neighbor’ really is, and treat them the way I would want to be treated

Continue to not care what Britney*/Paris/TomKat/Rosie/Donald/Nicole say or do

Try not to commit blogorrhea

Go back to Memphis and have dinner with Lynnster and listen to her talk about music instead of me blathering on as if I had just been given the power of speech after an absence of two years

Meet a blogger east of Nashville

Try and notch down my irascible meter

Attend a Grascals concert

Let people know when they’ve done something that is wonderful/generous/graceful even if I’m not involved or the recepient

Observe the difference between ‘your’ and you’re’. Just because the Tennessean doesn’t get it, doesn’t mean that I can screw this up.

Continue to read conservative blogs/journals that challenge me instead of belittling my ‘kind’

Try to think of a trip to the 8th Avenue Kroger as an episode of Seinfeld, one in which I’m lucky enough to have a role

More brunches with my friends (love that Alleycats..)

Work to make our neighborhood association (Salemtown Neighbors) more inclusive of ALL of Salemtown

Visit the Frist more often

Tell my family what they mean to me, not just assume they know

Forgiveness, forgiveness.

Walk on every greenway in Nashville at least once (my favorite is the Richland Creek segment)

Meet bloggers whenever I have the opportunity.


Continue to explore the Story.

*This is Britney Spears I don’t care for or about. I care very much about Brittney Gilbert who is much responsible for the blogging community here in Nashville.



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8 responses to “Some pretty half-baked but mostly sincere resolutions for 2007

  1. Pshaw. I had a lovely dinner and you were fine and you and Phil made me laugh lots. And, I can come to Nashville sometimes too, you know!

    WordPress will probably always have a free version. The current free version ain’t missing much in the way of bells & whistles. Actually, it’s not missing a thing – I’m using the free version, just paying for domain mapping. You will love love love it. WordPress loves you. WordPress is your friend. 🙂

    (PS Speaking of music, don’t forget to check out that Tim Lee & Chick Graning I suggested soon, if you haven’t…)

  2. Be careful about exploring who your neighbor is.

    I might recommend wearing dark clothes and investing in some night vision goggles.

  3. Next time the Grascals are playing in town, we gotta go and support the Sista! They were really great.

    You are such a kind soul, John, and I truly appreciate you!

  4. I dig your resolutions. I like how you think things out and I need to go read this story you speak of:)

  5. This is really a very good list. I predict an excellent year ahead for you.

  6. John,
    Great list. And I am so with you on the not switching the blogger thingie.
    Maybe it’s our age…you know, like we prefer vinyl to cds. We want to stick with the original, which makes us either elitists or old…or both! (In my case there is a 3rd scenario, which is I am afraid I’d have no idea how to work it!)

  7. More decaf? Yuck. Though we do want you to be in tip-top shape so you can blog… 🙂

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