Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, ain’t got time for a fast train, lonely days are gone, I would be goin’ home, but the President opened my letter

Does it bother anyone outside the ACLU that the President gets to decide what part of a law he doesn’t like when he is signing the bill into law? It’s called a ‘signing statement’ and our so-called conservative President has issued more signing statements than ALL the previous presidents combined.

It’s kind of a ‘I’ll respect you in the morning’ with a finger crossed behind the back. Ooooookay, this law is now law because I just signed it but if I don’t feel like it I’m really not going to pay any attention to what I just signed. Doesn’t this bother true conservatives? Isn’t this an imbalance of power?

The latest case is the law that states (quite sensibly) that if the postal services believes a letter contains a bomb, they don’t have to call and ask for permission to ‘open/defuse’ the letter. Also the law allows the postal service to open a letter without an address so that the post office can attempt to ascertain where the letter is supposed to be sent.

NOTHING in the bill allows a first class letter to be opened (with the above exceptions) without a warrant. The President signed the bill, but he left a door open as wide as the security at our port system.

He claims that in ‘exigent circumstances’ that the government gets to by-pass the law. The signing statement gives a couple of examples of what exigent circumstances are, but doesn’t delineate or in any way limit the definition of ‘exigent’.

If the President thinks this is a necessary component of an anti-terrorism package, then he should have his party propose a bill that spells out what the government is allowed to do with first-class mail. Otherwise, the bill he signed is the bill he should live with.

I thought conservatives wanted to LIMIT the power of the government? Maybe I just don’t understand the rules of bizarro world.

Meanwhile, stay the hell out of my mail!



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3 responses to “Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, ain’t got time for a fast train, lonely days are gone, I would be goin’ home, but the President opened my letter

  1. Best Headline Ever.
    Squirrelly and I just sang it aloud.

  2. This government has exausted me,…I can’t take another ounce of there idiotic behavior. Have you heard about the damn RFID chips that are being placed in all passports issued after Jan. 1st and the consequences for “tampering” with them? Ughhh!!!
    Read my mail when you want, scan all my info when you want, listen to my calls when you want…Anything else?

  3. Hmm, you better watch out or all mail addressed to or from John H is going to be opened up…

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