Proof that higher intelligence does, indeed, exist

One of my favorite bloggers, Lindsey of Theo/Geo, has a regular ‘bitchlist’ of items on the sidebar of her blog. It’s probably good therapy, and pretty much every item I’ve seen on her list deserves its infamy.

I don’t know what the opposite of a ‘bitchlist’ really is, without going into the gooey syrupy kitty-cat stuff, but if I had such a list, this is what would be floating to the top:

If you ever wanted to know what sublime would taste like…Altoid’s Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints.



Filed under the shiznit list

4 responses to “Proof that higher intelligence does, indeed, exist

  1. Psychick is hooked on those Altoid thingies. I haven’t even put one in me mouth yet

  2. Those look yummy.

    John, I’m leaving it up to you to create the anti-bitchlist. What could you call it? The Shiznit List?

  3. G.M. This is the time to start with the Altoid thingies. This new creation is kind of a subtle York Peppermint pattie..starts out with this creamy dark chocolate taste and then a little mint, and then BAM.

    I used to be a cinnamon altoids person..i’ve now seen the light.

  4. pure genius

    I know what I’m getting at the store today, ya know, besides milk and bread and all that boring stuff.

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