noooooooooooooooo, or, No.51 is in my heart

Say it ain’t so, Yankees…



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5 responses to “noooooooooooooooo, or, No.51 is in my heart

  1. I didn’t know Bernie was still playing in the league. Seriously.

  2. well..last year he played a minor role, but with typical class. He’s turned into the ’eminence gris’ (sp?) and the fans love the guy.

    He’s my favorite Yankee since Donny Baseball Mattingly (#23 on his uniform and #1 in my heart, or something like that..)

  3. The holidays knocked me out of whack, so I just saw this. It makes me sad, but I also think he should be a permanent part of the organization in some front-office job. He’s obviously intelligent, dedicated, and a great ambassador for the team.

    P.S – I love the Donny Baseball myself – my husband and I continually argue over whether he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. (The voting is such a sham!)

  4. mcgonnigle

    All: I’m actually a Met fan and have been pretty annoyed with The Big Checkbook in the South Bronx but I’ll tell you, the most under appreciated member of the Ansky, during “The Run” (1996-2000) was Bernie. Without Bernie, there is no run, or at least it isn’t the same. I have a lot of offbeat opinions on this at
    If you want to exchange links, lemme know. Thnx. Enjoy the game –fog

  5. hey…any fan of the Beatles AND baseball is more than all right with me. and your position on the Stones?

    consider yourself linked….great blog!

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