Clean, uncluttered and ready for anything.

I rather tripped across this English blog – Yet Another Blooming Blog – that shouldn’t be missed. The author also reviews books of the ‘soft porn’ romantic variety.

This one post, entitled ‘Whoopee: How Not to Write About Sex #2’, written back in August just kills me.

I rifle through some pages. Pages which have actually made me want to wash my hands, because the story has a horribly cathartic tone of personal experience to it, and the hands that have grasped the tumescent veiny stumps of boring old men have also touched the paper I am reading.

Not only is there a great band name in that last sentence, but I’m thinking I would trade all my posts of the past year, if I could write one sentence that good/well/smart..

A wonderful example of purplish prose she cites:

“The woman was amazing. She was like a fresh new day. Clean, uncluttered and ready for anything.”

I’m off to search for ‘How Not to Write About Sex, #1’…


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  1. Vic

    Hey that reminds me John, I’m going to see the Tumescent Veiny Stumps at the Mercy Lounge tonight. Wanna come with?

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