Just Say NO…Please say no

just say no

I’m sick of guys proposing to their girlfriends on public scoreboards and billboards. Is this really romantic? Is this really any of MY business? Shouldn’t this be about you and the girl and not ME and my 15,000 friends at the football/basketball/hockey game? Really now..

This scoreboard/billboard marriage proposal nonsense needs to stop. Now! Most of the proposals are as faux as the hair on Dolly’s head and they don’t need to be foisted on the rest of us. We don’t care. Really.

This time, one of these nuptial nuts has gone too damn far:

Invading SUPER BOWL AD SPACE. Doesn’t he know that the only good part of most Super Bowls is the ads dividing the oft-poorly-played blowouts?

If there is any justice in this land, the girl will say no, no, a thousand times no. ‘If you had asked me privately, in a romantic setting, I would have considered it…but fahget about it’.

Now THAT’s an ad that’d be worth watching…



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4 responses to “Just Say NO…Please say no

  1. This looks great, John!
    How you liking it so far.
    I’ll change my link immediately.

  2. Thanks to the wonderful Lynnster, the transition occurred with only a minimum of cursing. If I had just listened to her and tried not to THINK and do stupid things without her advice, I would have had a seamless transition, but noooooo..i had to make a couple of my own decision..thankfully, Lynn bailed me out.

    I’m still figuring some stuff out, but so far I’m happy with the way this works, happy with the way this looks, and hap hap happy to be away from the blogger. I got away just in time, I’m thinking, before they made me go to new blogger…bleecccch.


  3. I had to get a divorce from Blogger.
    Kept eating my site.

  4. Robertco

    Will this make my Billboard stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=1736

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