Shocking, simply shocking…..what?…there’s gambling in Casablanca?

Hillary’s in the running, as if anyone thought otherwise. Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared to see pretzeling the likes never seen before. If you don’t know me, or my blog, I’m a Democrat, and I generally support Democratic candidates, but not this one. It’s my firm belief that Hillary would give a lap dance to Monica Lewinsky or the corpse of Strom Thurmond if she thought it would help her win. Sorry fellow liberals, I just don’t trust her.



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6 responses to “Shocking, simply shocking…..what?…there’s gambling in Casablanca?

  1. I would love to see a woman president…just not her.

  2. *SNORK*
    A lapdance to Monica Lewinsky???? That is the quote of the day!

  3. I have to know why you think that, John. I have much love for ya, but I’m at a loss as to why you and others feel this way about her. Is it the fact that she was valedictorian at Wellesly? Yale Law? Was it because in addition to becoming the first female partner at a very prestigious law firm, she found time to work pro bono for women’s rights cases, and child advocacy? Is it her work on pre-school preparedness and literacy? Is it bad that she was the country’s only First Lady with a post-graduate degreee? I’m a dyed in the wool Liberal, and sometimes I don’t agree with her positions, but she serves on 5 different committees, 9 sub commitees. She’s a foot smarter than most of our elected officials. Does she pander from time to time? Name me a politician that does not. She’s an accomplished woman, who suffered public embarassment due to her husband, and yet, stuck with him, and raised a beautiful, accomploished daughter. I hate to see so many jump on the hate Hillary bandwagon, with no clue as to ahy they should. You are a very smart guy, so please, other than her vote on taking military action in Iraq, what is it that defines her to you?

  4. "John Galt"

    “…what is it that defines her to you?

    Whitewater? Cattle futures? All consuming lust for power that can never be quenched?

  5. I agree with the previous post, plus, she was too dumb to notice the Rose Law firm records in her own residence for 2 yrs. I don’t think standing by her man is a wonderful attribute. She has known for many, many years of her husband’s infidelity, long before he became President. So, it proves the point she is willing to do or accept anything that might propel her to a higher power base. She is so close now to the ultimate power grab that she is very scary. I would not put anything past her.

  6. Paul

    I’m thinking that it is a little early to decide “deal or no deal”. I am ready to listen. Smart, ambitious people do not scare me nearly as much as stupid, ambitious people.

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