The reason blogs were invented.

18th Green

I’ve been way too busy going to funerals and mourning my friends lately (along with feeling sorry for poor poor pitiful me). I’m usually better about reading and keeping up with the blogs I love, but somehow I missed this one.

If you’ve never read Ryan’s ‘Emerson Street Tavern‘, you’re missing one of the best written blogs anywhere. If you don’t follow the link above to read his elegy to James Brown (and so much more), you may be missing the best written post of the year. Yeah, I know it’s only January, but I’ve got fifty bucks that I’ll still be saying that in December.

And in a blink the Vienna Boys’ Choir joins the Josey High School Marching Band. White children and black teens side by side in unison, clapping in metered synch, swaying to a roll of inspiration, marking history and legacy and hate and love and indifference and gratitude as it has rarely been marked.


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