The six word post. Tagged again..

Peruvians are lucky. They have Erin.


I was tagged for this by Lynnette who I believe is getting me back.

I’m tagging Emily, because I can.



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4 responses to “The six word post. Tagged again..

  1. welcome to wordpress. it rocks. u gonna get ur own domain on host ur blog there from the back end eventually?

  2. so far, so good for me. I’ll think about getting my own domain after I try this out for awhile. I just hate to pay for something that I suspect really isn’t worth the bucks I’d shell out, but then again…

    Thanks. Your blog template is still the best.

  3. i hear ya. i got my domain and hosting account (both through for about $35/year…but it was a birthday present.

    lol. thanks for the template props…wish i could say i designed it. :-/

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