Apparently they never heard ‘She-Bop’…please, please, somebody add the DiVinyls to this list

According to these guys, the following music is SAFE for your kids:

Safe Music:

  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Falling Up
  • Flyleaf
  • Disciple
  • P.O.D
  • By The Tree
  • Scott Reed
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Jars of Clay
  • DC Talk
  • Danielson

As an aside, when did Oscar Wilde ever ‘reform’?

By the way, these are the bands that will make you go ‘gay’.

Should I tell my wife I’m a big, gasp, Wilco fan?
Roger, Wilco




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7 responses to “Apparently they never heard ‘She-Bop’…please, please, somebody add the DiVinyls to this list

  1. Um yeah, I would say that one of the world’s top-selling singles of all time about masturbation should have gotten one crossed off any “safe” list…

  2. Vic

    I’m SO glad they’re trying to “help” “the gays”!

  3. uh, where is Judy Garland in their gay list?

  4. Dang. I already get made fun of because I love Barry Manilow. Now, I find out he’s going to make me gay?

  5. PS Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that I also just a couple of weeks ago finished watching the final season of Queer As Folk on DVD, in which Cyndi Lauper makes an appearance, sings a song, and even has a line to speak.

    But she’s been pretty gay-friendly since the ’80s anyway, so how on earth she ended up on a list of “musical artists that won’t make one turn gay”…

  6. saraclark

    Well there you go, apparently I’m gayin’ it up big time. To offset that, hockey discussion can be had at Does the fact that I like hockey for the muscular condition of the players balance out my musical gayness?

  7. Now I’m worried that just about everyone I know has been exposed to ‘gay music’ Perhaps we should listen to Cyndi Lauper to cleanse ourselves of the gayness? As if! These lists are so ridiculous they are laughable. Too bad the website seems to be for real.

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