oh yeah, that place where the hurricane hit, or the house of the setting sun

This story made me realize that I continue to forget about the plight of our ‘brothers and sisters’ down in New Orleans. The story details that NOLA officials are begging for teachers to find their inner Peace Corp spirit and come on down to the bayou to teach in a city with a severe teacher shortage.

And then I realized that the great decider last night in his less-than-stellar speech pretty much forgot about Katrina and the city that was going to be built back better than ever. I do remember that absolutely weird speech from the Prez under the kleig lights in a New Orleans courtyard the week following the hurricane when he declared that that he pledged that the poverty of New Orleans and the plight of the black underclass would not be forgotten. Whooops..didn’t even make the cut in the state of the union address did it?

Last I checked the place hadn’t quite been rebuilt, and now they’re begging for teachers. In last night’s speech, Bush asked Congress to reauthorize The No Child Left Behind Act. How about a ‘No City Left Behind Act’ or is that too forgettable?



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2 responses to “oh yeah, that place where the hurricane hit, or the house of the setting sun

  1. Sorry there is no money for New Orleans now that we are spending $$$ trying to save face in Iraq. Perhaps if everyone who lives in New Orleans would volunteer to just join the military and go serve in Iraq, it wouldn’t matter if the city were ever rebuilt. 😉

  2. It’s pretty sad that more isn’t being done to help NO. It breaks my heart as a teacher knowing that those kids are in such need of teachers. If I were single and had no one else to worry about I would definitely think about going down there.

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