If you’re going to be a boob about it…

T-shirt for the cure

I haven’t stolen blog topics or pictures from my friend Parlancheq for awhile but, with this post, I’m renewing the practice. This t-shirt will be offered this year by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure (it doesn’t appear to be on their website yet) and is already raising hackles among the humor-impaired.

Personally, I think the t-shirt is great and although I probably won’t wear one (insert stupid joke here), I’d be happy to donate one to any bloggers with famous boob freckles. I’d ask for proof but the irony would be equal to George Bush pledging to balance the budget after six years of not vetoing one freaking spending bill.



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6 responses to “If you’re going to be a boob about it…

  1. Boob freckle: I want it on the record that I have a boob freckle also. Aunt B does not have the corner on this market. Plus, I just had a mammogram last week and they are smooshed, and needs some love.

  2. That’s pretty funny. Not saying I’d wear one, but I’d laugh if I saw someone else wear one, & not be offended. I think women who battle breast cancer (& others who battle other types of cancer) are entitled to some humor in their lives, probably even more than the rest of us.

    Sorry I’ve missed your last few posts. I guess I didn’t subscribe right with bloglines & I haven’t been getting updated. I will make sure that is corrected immediately!! Can’t live without hutch!

  3. I love that shirt and would wear one with pride. I’ll have to get one.

  4. I’m second Ginger. B is single and unattached, she can flash her boob freckle to the world if she’d like (and she does, it is cute afterall). I, on the other hand, save freckle flashing priviledges for my husband.

  5. I don’t have any freckles, but I think that shirt is hilarious. Some people have no sense of humor…

  6. Thanks for stealing. It had been so long I was starting to think you didn’t love me anymore. 😉

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