VANderbilt COMM-o-dores, VANderbilt and one culinary item

Vanderbilt…Commo..dores, VANderbilt, Commo..dores

The Salem’s Lots research team is busy researching the negative apathy meter and its readings re Brittney’s comeback and other such stories. Otherwise, I’d have them cracking on the following:

Has any Vanderbilt men’s basketball team defeated FIVE ranked opponents in one season before?

Somebody needs to give this team and Coach Stallings some props. They’ve come a LONG way since that horrific loss to Furman. It’s hard to measure the sweet feeling of watching TennesseeAlabamaKentuckyLSU dominoes toppling. Add in an earlier whupping of the Wreck from Georgia Tech and THIS ‘Dore team deserves a decent ranking.

On a singular note, Derrick Byers, senior leader, is 19 for 34 from the three point line in the last four games.

Kudos (and don’t let down tomorrow against Ole Miss).

Culinary Note: I’m out of town tomorrow. I’d really appreciate it if someone would eat lunch at the Mothership and order ‘pulled pork, crack n’ cheese, and pintos along with a large drink. Some traditions don’t need to be interrrupted by mere travel out of the area.




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3 responses to “VANderbilt COMM-o-dores, VANderbilt and one culinary item

  1. Not a Vandy fan (as you know) nor am I a basketball fan, but it is always nice to see Vandy beat UT in anything. LOL Much less beating ranked teams. Good for them!!

  2. I’d give my ex’s left nut for some pulled pork! Do they ship to California?

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