Am i jet blue, or, I am human, not a bovinian

jet blue on the back side..

Some people I know had a dreadful Jet Blue experience. My story is different. Anytime I can fly to NYC for $67 (one-way), listen to XM radio and watch a hockey game showing on front of my friend’s seat while sitting only two-on-each-side-of-the-aisle, I’m pretty happy.

Compared to the bovine bunching of the A-B-C categorizing from the SW folks, this feels at least one step up the evolutionary chain. It’s not first-class, but they have a little sass.

Verdict: one round-trip into the Jet Blue experience, I’m using my opposable digit to signify my happiness.



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4 responses to “Am i jet blue, or, I am human, not a bovinian

  1. svanhoesen

    Yes, Jet Blue is a wonderful thing and definately feels like a step above SW. Its so nice to be able to fly for cheap and fly into JFK and not Long Island when visiting the lovely city that never sleeps. I cannot tell you how many times i have missed my flight because I had to take that damn train to Long Island.

  2. Why not just say you’re giving it a thumbs-up? Why do you have to make things so difficult?

  3. Lisa, John is a flowery man. A wise woman shall not confuse flowery with difficult.

  4. Emily – thanks for what I am sure is a back-handed compliment with the ratio of back-hand/compliment roughly 3 to 1.

    Lisa – Not being bovinian made my celebrate my phalangical superiority to cattle. I also enjoy making up words.

    I’d give you some lilies but I just used em all up in my prose…

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