Just when you thought Faux News couldn’t get any stupider or slimier..

They call Anderson Cooper the ‘Paris Hilton’ of cable news. Just for New Orleans/Katrina coverage alone, Cooper has more integrity and journalistic guts than most of the RNC members aka Fox news ‘journalists’ could even dream about.

If Jack Bauer wasn’t a character on the Fox network, he’d have blown them up just on general principle.



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7 responses to “Just when you thought Faux News couldn’t get any stupider or slimier..

  1. Agreed, my friend, agreed.

  2. But you can’t totally forgive him for being the host of “The Mole.”

    I smell a man-crush…

  3. I refuse to believe that ‘The Mole’ even existed, kinda like Rocky 5.

    He does have nice eyes, you know.

  4. Hey! The Mole was a good show! Anderson Cooper made it worth watching! Love me some Anderson.

  5. Ugh! I saw this and I found it rather disgusting (if not totally predictable) that the people bashing him couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence as to why he wasn’t a good journalist. Hmm…because he dresses like he’s on national television and you dress like you work at the local H & R Block? Oh, the high school cattiness of it all.

    And then I was thinking, if you were related to these people, wouldn’t you be embarrassed by them?

  6. Mike

    Anderson Cooper IS all that was said about him by FOX etc.,…but not Paris Hilton – I ADORE Paris Hilton!!! Cooper is best remembered for standing in storms like an idiot to get some sensational footage. His ratings are down and personally I prefer FOX for objective and fair reporting. CNN is slanted.

  7. Mike – you’re kidding, right?

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