The bridge to WordPress, or, feed me, feed me, feed YOU

I’ve been on WordPress now for a little over a week. I’m loving it. When I went back over to the dark side aka Blogger to add comment filtering (I’m getting spammed like crazy over there now), I was told that I had to move my blog to the ‘New’ Blogger. They can, in the immortal words of Bart Simpson, ‘eat my shorts’.

On the other hand, WordPress blocks spam (somehow!) without resorting to comment verification. I’m more impressed with this operation each day. So, Spammers, if you want to flog your stock tips, Ethiopian bank scams, penile enlargement proposals, breast enhancement pills, Viagra price-busting opportunities, Colorado mining schemes, and real estate opportunities, spam away on the old Blogger site. Unlike Lot’s salty wife, I’m not looking back.

Thanks once again to the Moses of WordPress, Lynnster. She is leading the masses into the promised land from the blogging Pharoahs of Google. Unlike Moses 1.0, she already is IN the Promised land and is reaching back into captivity pulling the brothers and sisters into safety.

Finally, for those of you interested (do you want a cool stock tip or tips on larger ‘tips?) in the Salem’s Lots feed, there are now a buncha feed widgits over on the right column down a bit. I’ve got a feedburner thing going. It surprises me often that anybody reads this stuff, but I appreciate anybody who takes the time, and I totally appreciate the Lynnster for taking her time in helping me out with all this. She was very patient on the phone with me walking me through the transition (and finally telling me to get off the phone, go away for awhile, and come back and it all would be working (I did, it was). I don’t blame the Lynnster for wanting to get off the phone considering my questions and comments were somewhat on the level of ‘tell me about the rabbits Lynny, tell me about the garden again..tell me about the rabbits’.

Thanks again Lynnster.

Thanks to WordPress, I’m home.



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6 responses to “The bridge to WordPress, or, feed me, feed me, feed YOU

  1. Yeah. She was talking it up at last month and I already had an account so I jumped.
    I can’t bring my archives over but I don’t even care.
    Fresh start, I guess.

  2. Pfft… you weren’t that bad and it wasn’t that hard, but you’re welcome. And you can tell me about the rabbits anyway. Heh.

  3. mcgonnigle

    You may dig this on two minute offense what with Vandy and all a topic of yours:

    –Fog out

    aww, why not plug too:

  4. I’m on my way to the promised land…Lynnster rocks!!!

    P.S. This is the quote of the day: “Unlike Lot’s salty wife, I’m not looking back.” I LOVE that!!!

  5. Damn…if I had waited another week or two to put up a new blog, I’d known what crap everyone is going through on Blogger and I would never have left WordPress! {sigh}

    Congrats on the new site…it looks great!

  6. Is there a way to have photo albums on the sidebars, like typepad?

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