City braces for wintry onslaught


Snows of up to 1/2 inch expected tonight in the Music City area. 8th Avenue Kroger expects run on gallon jugged juice drinks.

Let’s be careful out there…



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7 responses to “City braces for wintry onslaught

  1. I need to go stock up on sangria…

  2. Seeing pics like that almost make the cold air worth it. Almost.

  3. Yep, I’m heading to Kroger this morning. I’m expecting school to be closed tomorrow, so I need to be prepared! If it were just Boo and I during the day, we can survive on pb&j and goldfish crackers but add the six-year-old into the mix with a more sophisticated palete…I really need to be prepared!!

  4. Gorgeous pic. If we get a blizzard it will be all my fault because I almost never make plans for out of town trips between mid-January and mid-March…

  5. Uh-oh…need beer and cat food.

  6. Sam

    I went to that Kroger to get my share of fatty ground beef, bruised fruit, and white bread, but alas, they were all gone.

  7. Hee hee hee…I love when you guys get more snow than us Northerners!

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